Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Was Gonna Sleep But...

I have to make a very quick post about my cat Oscar and his cleverness.

Firstly... He can turn the bathroom light on by hanging from the cord until it turns on... I just walked out of my room because I thought my housemate was up but no... it was Oscar... staring at the pull cord as it swang back and forth after he had just hung from it.

We got Oscar when he was 8 weeks old, he is now 17 weeks old and hes so lovely and SO clever.

If he wants attention and I am on my PC/Laptop he will sit/stand on the keyboard so I cant type, and if no keyboard is accesable for him to stand/sit on he will sit on any part of my person which interupts me typing.. usually my face.

If im sleeping or trying to and he wants attention then no matter which was I turn my head he will nibble at my nose.. and if I bury my face in my pillow he will pull at my hair with his paws.

He has managed dispite his smallness to find a way of getting up onto the kitchen counter.. he uses the indent in the washing machine door...

As he is an indoor cat (we live on the 3rd floor) his bids for escape are quite amusing, the windows... the front door...he's quite fast lol. He also goes out on the balcony and stares through the glass, were gonna have to watch him when hes older cause he will jump up and like fall off..

He's just walked into my room and sat on the bed staring at me because I shut the bathroom door so he cant play with the cord no more... it was quite noisey and I want to sleep.. but I think I've spoilt his fun. lol.

Bless him, hes currently playing behind my desk and will no doubt find another way of making noise to foil my plans for sleep... evil kitty.. hehe

Anyway... a whole post about my cat? I think I really am a crazy cat lady.. Ima end up old with like 80 cats and a smelly house.. or maybe not.. I hate smelly houses... and I doubt ill live to be 80... :D

Night Night!!

Love n Kisses

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