Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Spazzing Out...

So Yeah... Over the last few days I've really been spazzing out which is really not like me, I feel like someone has come and planted annoying woman hormones into my brain. So therefore, im going on a Spazz Detox, which means Im gonna not spazz out no more. :D

My ex boyfriend decided to get in contact with me and generally be a annoying twat, tell me he missed me and wanted me back. Why do men do this, where they find out you have someone new and your perfectly happy then they try and muscle their way back into your life? Well I aint falling for no shit like that, I'm quite happy in the relationship im in, with a man I love.

What does annoy me though is this stupid fucking woman who are in abusive or just plain shit relationships, and by abusing I mean physically or mentally, and KEEP going back to the guy over and over no matter what he does, because he "appologised" I mean.. come on? seriously? GROW A FUCKING BACKBONE!

Theres a girl that I work with that does this, is with a guy who treats her like shit, and is always mean to her, yet shes the one who is always appologising, and trying to make him happy. She supports him financially, and his kids, who have nothing to do with her, she paid for christmas and is always giving him money, when he sits on job seekers allowence doing fuck all. Can anyone say MUG!!?!?!?

I think it works the other way around aswell, you get some men who just let woman walk all over them, its like.. why would you let another human being, male or female, walk all over you? I mean i'm probably not the best example because im genuinely a really nice person and I do give people more than one chance, but you piss me off too many times and i'll just cut you out of my life without a backward glance. I'd do anything for my friends and family, but take advantage.. and well.. I just wont anymore.

Well... I've gone way of topic, so back on topic, no more spazzing out, and im sure a certain person will tell me when I am!! lols

Love n Kisses

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