Monday, 25 January 2010

A Poem - My Dear Old Friend


Theres so much
I cant explain
So many feelings
And too much pain
The tears they flow
Falling like stars
Only for a moment
But enough to last
This hurt is true
Its root is deep
How to express?
Words i cant speak?
If i messed up,
If i broke the vow
I'm sorry, I'm hurting now
I cant go back
To change the past
To what once was
It cannot last
So now I try
To make amends
A little to late?
I'm sorry dear friend..
A lot happened
In the years that passed
A lot went on..
In this broke tired heart.
But we all move on
And hearts will mend
I'm sorry were hurting
My dear old friend...

Enjoy :)

Love n Kisses

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