Sunday, 31 January 2010


So.. I'm bored and I've decided to rant about something I tend to rant about a lot with my friends generally and actually put it into what I hope will be a concise argument. *nod* here I go.

Ok.. So I think one of the biggest misconceptions about Gamers is that they are all GUYS! Hello??? I'm female and I like games.. I don't start a game and suddenly grow a dick.. girls like games too. Period. Sometimes we even win too!

"Gamers have no lifes and are social retards" Ok.. The majority of the gamers I know go out and have fun as much as the next person, the difference is that when they arnt out, or at work etc, they play games. Its their hobby? Surely its no different to people who play an instrument or have some other hobby... Also, gaming can be quite social tbf.. all these online games like COD, MAG, Halo, Boderlands, Uncharted 2, Motorstorm 1 & 2 and Left 4 Dead allow you to Game while talking to your friends or just random people.
Also PC games like Wow, Aion, Guild Wars, Neverwinter Nights, Warhammer and LOTR Online, Which allow you to either play on realms with LOADS of players or build your own servers for your friends to play on. Again.. Very Social. To be social you can either go out, talk on a phone, by text, or over MSN. So why cant you be social by talking to people while playing a game??

"Games cause people to copy games" What aload of bullshit. This is basically saying that if you kill people in COD your gonna get your hands on a gun and kill people in real life? No. People who do this are usually already psychotic and use the game as a reason for doing it. To quote someone who plays games themselves.. "non-gamers have such a bad view on gamers, just because of a few case studies... no one mentions that a non-gaming murderer -DIDN'T- play games, its just a convenient alibi for people to use to cover up true motives and i think people should be a little more open minded into the hobbies of others" If you take what hes said and look at it, he makes sense. Look at all the hundreds of murders that are committed, how many of them have actually been put down to the person playing computer games? If you have that mind set your gonna commit the crime if you play the damn game or not. Same as people with addictive personalities. You can become addicted to games as much as you can alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, but two of those are socially acceptable? and the 3rd is becoming more and more so. So why can you sit around with your friends drink alcohol, smoke and in some cases do drugs and be deemed being "Social" but you cant log onto a game and do something you enjoy and talk to your friends that way?

Overall I think gamers get a bad rep because of the few idiots who take things too far. That guy who did go out and shoot people like on cod, or that girl who played wow so long she forgot to eat or drink and died. These are all extreme cases and are not the norm. I think people need to learn to look at things in a different light. Not all people who play games are sad, retarded, idiots or whatever else people call them. I know some VERY cool people who play games, and I play them myself.

/end rant

Love n Kisses

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  1. Am i a very kool person? ;P hehe.. but yes you are right, gaming has a complete social side to it, and its only the extremists who people hear about, but thats like everything else and thats what the media do..

    The only reason i play games is for the social side.. Once thats taken away from me i get bored of a game, for an example.. i used to play WoW, and i was good at it. I was in a social raiding guild, but once things deteriated for me because i 'didn't follow orders' i got the social taken away from me.. and not long after i quit.. Same goes for the good old fashioned RS (Runescape) I had loads of friends on there.. some of which i still talk to, to this day.. as we all got older, had other things to do etc and other people started leaving, we realised we'd not really care or think about that gaming side, it was all about being online to talk to each other. Once i quit i didn't lose any friends, like i said i still talk to some today :)
    Gaming to some is about the games, and to some about the social aspect of it whilst doing something at the same time.. keeps people talking and they can meet new people aswell.. as they have something in common (the game)