Wednesday, 6 January 2010


So... as I've said in my last few blogs I have people coming to stay at the weekend.. and its amazing the amount of preperation needed..

1) Tidy House - You dont want your guesting walking into your house and going.. oh my god.. THIS PLACE IS A SHIT HOLE!

2) Bedding - that duvet you've got tucked away for when guests stay and that hasnt been used for a while probably needs washing.. plus you have to wash your own bedding too to make a good impression.

3) Apart from tidying the house, your own bedroom needs to be spotless, this is a chore for me trust me as i dont spend a huge amount of time in my room and stuff tends to be dumped on the floor until i can be bothered to pick it up..

4) Food - Finding out what they eat. See I've decided on lots of party food and making lasagne one day. Everyone likes party food and the people that are coming like lasagne so its all good, but it takes more thought than you'd have thought.

5) Alcohol - Obv they are gonna bring/buy some, but as a host you should provide some, so I need to go to asda tonight and buy the goods. Should be interested and make me look like a alcoholic!!

6) Sleeping Arrangements - Upon hearing they were comnig there was originally gonna be 5.. and I was like.. My bed is a single.. and i have a single pull out bed.. and wooden floors.. oh dear.. Then the number went down to 3, this is more managable. So, I brought a blow up double bed :) all sorted.

7) The clear up - this comes after.. but tbh... I hate tiding up and im dreading it, even if all i have to do is hoover and wash the dishes im like >.<

So.. when you decided to invite people to stay.. dont leave everything to the last 4 days.. when your WORKING to get everything ready... it makes for a stressful time. Trust Me.

Oh and on top of all this MY NEIGHBOURS are having work done and people been BANGING and DRILLING from 9am.. If they do this when I am hungover.. I will shout at them. Gits.

Anywho! Off to work I go! =/

Love n Kisses

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  1. " you have to wash your own bedding too to make a good impression."

    Aha! Yeah you do ;)