Thursday, 28 January 2010


So its 2:39 in the morning, I have my book open next to me, and my phone is safely on charge where it will be ready for its next barrage of calls/texts come 11am-12noon tomorrow. I think I maybe slightly addicted to my phone, but hey!

Im sitting here with a perpetual grin on my face, I think perpetual is my word of the day, I've used it like a million times today >.<...anyways.. going slightly off topic.. back to me grinning.. yea.. I just feel so amazing, even though I'm shattered I just can't sleep due to how happy I feel!? I'm not even sure how that makes sense.. but.. yea this is me, I rarely make sense.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I really like the direction my life is going, I'm starting to think if I'm positive about things anything is possible. Like today at work, I had no sales on the board was having a REALLY shit day... I went away took and few deep breaths, got a few things off my chest that had been bugging me. Went back and sold! I know.. its a sales job, and its shit.. but to be frank, its a job, it pays the bills. Its not terrible work and I earn a fair amount for not doing a huge amount.. so... all in all? It's really not that bad. Anyway.. I'm really bad at staying on topic...

My mind is constantly rolling over different scenarios and different ways things can end up, different things that could happen no matter how far fetched. Songs often spark things in my head too, a certain lyric or melody can bring about a whole idea in my head.. Usually it involves planned events in my life, sometimes it can cause me to plan them. I don't think I ever completely shut down, which is probably one of the reasons I don't really sleep well? Occasionally I'll be thinking and an idea for a Poem or Story will come into my head... for some reason I cant sit down and go "I want to write" its more of.. "An Idea! QUICK! put pen to paper!" I can go months sometimes and not write a thing... would be a really bad way to earn money huh?

So much stuff is gonna happen over 2010 and its all gonna be for the better, my life is gonna do nothing but improve..In the words of that song I cant remember the name of "THE ONLY WAY IS UP! BABY! FOR YOU AND ME NOW!" :)

Anywho.. I am a very sleepy Fifi, with a very sleepy cat getting annoyed at me typing as its disturbing him, so off to bed I go!

Night Night

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