Thursday, 7 January 2010



Bed - Done (unless sleeping arrangements change and I need to make up the extra single bed.....)

Food - Done, all in the freezer.

Alcohol - Done :)

Guests Arrival - FAIL

They went and missed the coach... or it left without them, either way they are due 3 hours late :( which makes a very sleepy Fifi wanna cry. I also knew working the day guests were due to be arriving would be a bad idea as it would make me grumpy and low and behold my fecking manager decided to piss me off in the followin ways:-

1) When I arrived we were talking about people not being able to get in because of the snow and they fact they would need to make the time up and i said "I wouldnt wanna make the time up cos that means stupidly long shifts id rather struggle and get in", in her stupid mind she deicided id said "oh id rather make the time up than be here" pulled me to one side and proceeded to have a go at me for something I DIDNT SAY!!

2) I was on the phone to Adam talking about Action Men, Barbies and Ken Dolls (dont ask) and she turned around and said, "Why cant you have the same enthusiasm when you are talking to customers" to which i sarcastically replied "because i dont talk to the customers about action men"... i mean FUCK sake i was on my BREAK!!!

3) Proceeded to throw a pair of gloves AT me and ask if they were mine.. I just said "No" glared and chucked them on a spare desk. They wernt anywhere near me for christs sake why the hell would they be mine when I was so cold I was WEARING my gloves???

4) Pulled me aside at the end of the day and said I had a bad attitude because I told Claire (my friend) I was feeling tired. Whats that all about?? Am I not allowed to say im tired now? Apprently not. Stupid Bitch.

So.. all in all im not happy, on top of that I came home to a bunch of washing up after I tidied the house this morning in preperation for guest arrival.. and now all I want to do is collapse onto my bed and sleep for the next 24 hours :( but im not gonna do that.

On top of that im nervous and havent eaten or had much sleep in two days due to fretting and stress, GRR.

anywho.. my fingers hurt from typing..

Love n Kisses

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