Monday, 4 January 2010

Cant Sleep

Its 3:21am, and im wide awake, with no chance of me sleeping anytime soon. I've got stuff on my mind.. like its annoying when you know people have this like expectation of you and your worried your not going to meet it? I hate it when people have expectations of me, id rather they just didnt or had low ones so when i exceed them its better than not meeting them?

Things can either end REALLY good or.. REALLY bad and judging by my general luck im really hoping on this occasion things go my way. Its gonna be so fail if they dont and really awkward, and where as I normally thrive on awkward moments, I dont think this will be one of those times, unfortunately. Thursday is gonna be one hell of a day, working + fretting doesnt make for much fun, and then 45 minute wait in the cold isnt going to do much for my mood either. =/ oh dear

My friend keeps telling me not to worry and that its all gonna be fine, but they just say that to make you stop worrying and on this occasion it hasnt worked. Bless her though, she tried. Shes got problems of her own, men related obviously.. they make life so hard sometimes! But hey, cant live with em, and certainly cant live without em, so I guess you just make do. She told me earlier she just "wants a man to make her happy, who she can love and who loves her back and will treat her like a princess" I loled and told her life doesnt work that way and its not a fairytale, you make your own life worth living other people dont do it for you. In my opinion, there are two types of people in this world, the ones where bad stuff happens and they move on, and the ones where bad stuff happens and they spend 10 months moaning about it and being complete idiots instead of actually looking at why it happened and then getting over it. Meh, whats the point in dwelling?

So.. anywhos.. I think I've ranted enough, I'm in the mood to write some poetry so..


Love n Kisses

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