Sunday, 10 January 2010


Ok.... most epic win ever.. and it really is...

This weekend couldn't have gone better, it started off with them getting here late and devouring pizza and tea, and then we proceeded to stay awake until 3am chatting laughing and generally being awesome. Kristy was almost falling asleep, she was dead on her feet, Nick was wide awake and saying stuff I had no idea what he mean and Adam was joining in and being awesome..

Then we all went to bed... yea... lols. That was definitely amusing, Kristy decided to wake up and shout at Nick which amused me greatly when I woke up the next morning and got told. We didn't get up until almost midday... not that this is a great difference for me, I just didn't wake up alone :D

Friday - We went to see Avatar.. OMGGG!! It was so AWESOME, very colourful, very emotional film, with epic fight scenes, comedy, love and action.. what more can you want? I cried.. then again I always cry at films.. well ones that are epic. Then we came home, I cooked Lasagne, om nom, Adam decided he was ill so he didnt wanna drink lots.. although I had wine so I managed to get pretty drunk.. We watched Nightmare Before Christmas.. which was really good :)

Saturday - We were gonna go shopping... but.. it was cold.. and wet... and really didn't want too. So, we just stayed in and started drinking at 5pm... yea I know thats early... We played Shotgun which is a epic drinking game made up by Adam and Nick. We managed to get through, 2 bottles of Rum, a bottle of Vodka, 3 Bottles of Wine, 2l Bottle of Strongbow, 8 bottles of Kopperberg and Bottle of Sambuca lol.. That makes us all sound like alcoholics..

Today - They are going home =/

Safe to say It was EPIC by any standard.

Also - Its been 2 years coming.. taken a while.. been close and then not close.. but.. Adam - I love you :)

Love n Kisses

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