Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Up and Up and UP!!

omfg.. like yay! I think my life is finally sorted :) and headed in the direction I want to.

Feelings are sorted. People I dont need in my life are either really small pieces or not spoken to at all. Done and done.

Went out Monday with people I used to know when I was in school and it was fun... really good to let my hair down and enjoy myself. Money is finally sorted. You have no idea what a weight off my shoulders that is.

Fresh new start, completely devoid of lifeless idiots who make me feel degraded and shit and if certain people think that talking about certain stuff around me is gonna get me down, well I aint gonna fucking let it so take your best shot cause I'm better than all of you. "fuck you, fuck you very very much... cause we hate we do, and we hate your whole crew so please dont stay in touch :)"

So.. coming up in my lil world? Niece Katie is coming down and im taking her to see Sex and The City 2, should be awesome. Planning another get together with my sister and we are gonna party hard :) Annnnnnnnd im going to see my dad soon and we are gonna chill out and do some "family" stuff :D

Soooooooo yea :D happy happy happy happy happy happy ;)


Hugs and Kisses :D

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