Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Om Nom Nom

Hehe.. Food was delicious even if I do say so myself :) Mark seemed to like it anyway xD

I can't believe how everything has slotted into place over the last 4 weeks. Part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop and for something to go drastically wrong. Afterall every other time I've got to the point of being this happy something has come along and crashed it all =/ I'm really hoping that doesnt happen this time. I think I deserve some happiness in my life!

Other people I could mention however deserve no fucking happiness whatsoever and need to go and jump of a very high cliff, ensuring all their bones break and then die in a big mess on the floor. Painfully. Okay.. that might sound harah. But seriously? Is it so hard to be happy for me rather than be consumed by your own selfishness? You want to be my friend you want me in your life, but what about what I want? Just, leave. me. alone. Simple. I dont know how many times I have to tell you this. I've had to block you just cause you wouldnt take the fricking hint!

Sorry, rant over. Anywho.. I really am happy :) even if things piss me off occasionally, inside I feel amazing, -nothing- can go wrong. nadda. nowt. Well at least it bloody better not do :D

They say that everyone has a someone out there waiting for them, well maybe I've been lucky enough to find mine. Who knows. I guess only time will tell :)


Goodnight.. I'm off to the land of dreams

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