Monday, 14 June 2010


Wow.. well... life.. yes :D love it.

I have a date.... or at least I think its a date.. A guy has asked me out, just the two of us.. to go to the park and hang out and have ice cream.. well anyway.. im excited.

Its this Thursday and now all I have to do is decide what to wear, I was thinking, leggings, converse, cool skirt and t-shirt, kinda relaxed.. perfect for a day at the park... or i could go and wear my maxi dress... specially if the weather is nice.. that looks stunning on... hmm choices.

My niece thinks the Maxi dress, so I think as long as the weather is good, that will be my choice.

"turn it up turn it up for the people that say, were moving on and we'll be okay.. :D" <<>

Anywho.. not much more to write.. im too hyped up to think..

I shall update once this "date" has gone ahead!

Lots of Love!

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