Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Short Story

This is a little bit morbid :S but I hope you get a sense of the pain the girl in my story is feeling. Comments are welcome and appriciated! Criticism too!!

The rain fell as she sat alone on her bed, watching her window slowly fog from her erratic breathing. Tears fell from her eyes like the tiny beads of rain running down the glass in front of her, try as she might she could not stop them. They flowed freely, running down her chin and dropping onto the green jumper she was wearing, where the soft fabric soaked them up. She was shaking, her whole body trembling with the effort of trying to keep all the pain she was feeling locked up inside her. She didn’t understand and she didn’t think she ever would, it felt like her insides had been ripped apart and her heart thrown on the floor and stood on. She had nothing left, an empty shell, not worth anything anymore. She wrapped her arms around herself and stood looking out at the sky, grey and dark and somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered if a thunder storm was on its way. Turning her back on the window she walked to her door, turned the small latch lock and sat back on her bed.

The smooth steal of the knife glinted in the light and she pressed her finger tip against it, a small droplet of blood fell from the tip of her finger onto her pale bed sheets staining the small patch bright crimson and she smiled. Rolling up the sleeves of her top she pressed the knife against her wrist and took and deep breath, pressing down she gasped and watched as the thick liquid swam from her veins, changing hands she repeated it on her other wrist and again watched in awe as the cold metal slid into her skin.

She lay back on the bed, her arms motionless by her side, and felt giddy as her vision began to blur and her senses lessen. She felt as if she was floating her whole world suspended in front of her eyes for this brief moment in time. She saw her family looking down on her, her friends and finally him, looking at her the way he used to when he loved her. As she drifted further and further into the darkness she was vaguely aware of a banging and someone calling her name, then everything went black.

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