Thursday, 16 July 2009

Late Night Thought

So here I am at 2:44am lying in bed, happy as larry, physically exhausted, yet for some crazy reason my mind wont switch off! Ive got all these mad thoughts running around in there. Its strange.

Like I have this image in my head of like long coloured ribbons that are a few meters in length and quite thick, being held by a bunch of women wearing outfits of the same colour as the ribbon they are holding, making a colourful cats cradle effect in mid air. I mean where the fuck did that come from?

I did doze off for a couple of moments and my brain once again decided it wasn't going to let me sleep, I started dreaming I was in a roofless car, It wasn't meant to be roofless so it wasn't a soft-top, it just didn't have a roof, and it was really windy and starting to get dark, and I'm driving down this country lane with fields on either side of me, and I'm picking up speed, going faster and faster and I can see the speedometer dial thing moving but I cant see the numbers. The trees are wizzing past and I can feel the car start to shake under the strain of the speed and then suddenly I'm awake. I dont mean the kind of fuzzy awake I mean, stark wide away, sit up in bed and be completely aware type awake...

I have a feeling something is bothering me but I either can't or don't want to address what it is. I'm thinking thats why I can't shut down.. =/

Anywho, I think I'm gonna lay here aimlessly some more, if I can't sleep I might as well make the most of it and think up some more ideas for writing I want to do!

Love n Kisses