Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Have you ever been so angry your whole body has shook so violently you think you might drop whatever your holding at the time? Like there's so much anger inside you, you don't know how to let it out?

That's how I just felt. Imagine this.

You split up with your boyfriend - fair enough. Your best friend tells you they like your ex - okay... but then say you are far more important than that though as they have known you for 8 years and wont act on it, because they don't want lose your friendship - fair enough, you can't always help who you like.

So imagine your surprise when you look on Facebook one day and see a comment "You know I love you" from said best friend to your ex. You've just started to pick yourself up and start to learn how to be happy and then you get knocked right back down again by someone who claimed to be your best friend, who would ALWAYS be there for you. I've come to the conclusion you can never really trust anyone except close family and even then with some of them you have to be careful. I can now count on 1 hand the amount of people I can trust completely.

Friendship apparently to some people doesn't mean a damn thing and I'm yet to figure out how you pick out the friends who do know what friendship means from the ones who don't and will drop you at the kindest word from anything with a cock.

Love n Kisses

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