Monday, 13 July 2009

A little bit of Fluff, Jack x Ianto from Torchwood

I was sitting at work, and really got into the mood to write something mushy about these two after watching Torchwood last night. So here it is, hopes you likes.


Ianto smiled, he was just where he wanted to be, in the strong arms surrounding him. He turned his head and kissed the chest he was nuzzled against feeling the sparse hair under his lips and smiled again. It was amazing how such a simple act could make him feel so amazing with every touch, it was like wherever their skin met electricity jolted through him and he was alive in ways he couldn't imagine. His head was tilted and he was kissed, soundly, possessively and a small moan escaped his lips, he couldn't resist, this man made him feel so much. The man beneath him chuckled and kissed him again, he loved listening to Ianto's moans and whimpers, they ignited something deep within him. Their hands travelled as they kissed exploring and touching, sending shivers down both their spines, this is how it was meant to be, to feel this way with someone so special its not even possible to put it into words.

To say they loved each other wouldn't have been enough, they connected on levels which no one else would understand, it was like they were meant to be, soul mates. Nothing except death would tear them apart.

Ianto threw his head back in ecstasy and Jacks lips caught his throat nibbling on the delicate flesh, teasing it between his teeth while Ianto panted incoherent words which sounded something like “now!” they shifted, Jacks body nestling in-between his lovers thighs, Ianto let out a rugged cry and moved his hips upwards, their bodies met, each curve and shape moulding into the other. Their movements fluid, perfect as if the whole world was waiting for this moment in time. Ianto's hand travelled slowly down Jack's back bringing him closer, growing more frantic as the pressure inside them built together, Ianto was the first to cry out, his body tightening around the man so close to him, Jack followed his head buried in the curve of Ianto's neck, sweat glistening on their body's as they shook in each others arms.

The words they wanted to say were left unspoken as they always were, yet Ianto still smiled. He didn't need the words, all he needed was this, right here right now, this was enough.

Love n Kisses

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