Sunday, 23 May 2010


I feel different today. Last night opened my eyes I think. I'm done with this depressive slump. It hasnt got me anywhere. I've realised that some scars never dissappear completely but they do fade, and while you can always be haunted by your past its up to you to make sure it effects you less. I realise what I want from life now and I'm going to work towards it with everything I am.

So my plan for the next two years.

1) Pay off loan
2) Learn to drive
3) By a car. Hard top convertable.
4) Get into marketing
5) Move into my own place, whether that be in Norwich or a different part of the country and find my perfect marketing job.

And even if the road to get there is bumpy, I know that it will happen. Because I can make anything happen. As far as a man in my life is concerned, I'm not overly worried. I have amazing friends and am rebuilding some bridges which I think is really important and is helping me so much. Theres some people that I've realised I need in my life, maybe not the way I thought I needed them but I need them there, and I'm not going to the point that it did now.

On another note I dyed my hair :D

Pic there :) I love it, it makes me feel good. and the colour is awesome. I'm going clubbing with my sister next Friday which should be good. My mums gonna be there so Ill probs update with how that went, considering I havent seen my mum in almost 4 years and I really have no desire to ever speak to her again. But its my sisters birthday and I'm doing this for her.

"I love you, I just wish I could tell you"


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