Thursday, 1 July 2010

It's a Fez, I wear a Fez now. Fez' are cool xD

So yea.. Fez'... A felt hat, kinda like a cone worn by strange men, in hot countries. Matt Smith looks kinda hot in a Fez..

Aha.. This post isn't going to be about Fez' but it is going to be about men I find extremely Hot/Interesting/Amazing or all three. From both Film, TV Shows and Music :D Should be a fun post! (I've got plenty of time to kill after being told I got a hour n a half more to wait!)

Matt Smith!

Lets start with his essentials shall we?

Hair Colour: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5ft10ish
DOB: 28th October 1982

Okay.. So how cool is this.. Me and Matt Smith have the same f'ing birthday! I've only just found this out but it makes me very very happy xD

Okay.. So Matt Smith.. with his rather large chin, floppy hair, tweed jacket and bow tie, it doesn't exactly make for the most conventionally good looking man. But there is something rather compelling about him, both on TV and off. Of course he doesn't dress like the Doctor in his day to day life, more often than not opting for skinny trousers, cool jackets and the odd hat. Oh and he also seems to be a fan of scarfs!

When he was first announced as the new Doctor I was both excited and apprehensive. I love Dr Who and he seemed SO different to David Tennant I wondered if it would work, but after seeing the first episode and hearing his rather lovely "Geronimo!!" as the Tardis crashed I knew we were in for a treat! And oh boy did he deliver. Witty lines, Scenes that made you burst into tears, and that certain pzazz and style that only Matt Smith has.

Who'd have known that not only is he an amazing actor, but he originally planned to be a professional footballer? His skills on the pitch can clearly be seen in Episode 11 - The Lodger, where he plays in the local pub team. Oh and he gets his top off too ;) Not one of my favourite episodes from the newest series, a half naked and wet Matt Smith certainly made up for it.
He has a chemistry on screen and you are connected with him, he engages his audience and traps them. He's an extremely quirky and funny Doctor and I am very much looking forward to seeing him in the new series next year!

Side Note - Matt Smith is bloody gorgeous!!!! Tehe

Okay, So onto the next Man.. xD and who else could I pick but..

Matt Bellamy!

I do realise this is the second Matt I've picked.. Maybe my letter obsession has slipped from A to M...

Anywho! Essentials!

Hair Colour: Natural hair colour we think is Brown... but hes been, Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Blonde and many more besides! (my personal fave was Red!)
Eye Colour: Blue (om nom)
Height: 5ft7
DOB: 9th June 1978

Musical Fucking Genius. Period. His lyrics are incredible, his talents at playing pretty much any instrument is phenomenal and his ear for creating the most amazing and intriguing sounds leave you (well me) breathless. There isn't a Muse song I don't like, and the man himself is just well :D

I watched a interview the other day where Matt described himself as a "confident" person rather than the more cocky version of a front man, and that made me smile, because he's just lovely! His vocal range is impressive adding depth to his songs, while his moving and thoughtful lyrics give the listener something to think about. There is, in my opinion nothing better than chilling out with Muse playing.

His love of conspiracy theories and sc-fi make him a quirky individual, who is extremely interesting to listen to and his love of both of these can plainly be seen in his music.

Being insatiable comes naturally to this man, even if he does think hes too short to be sexy :P

And just because I think its "cool" this was Matt's answer when Q Magazine asked him what he would do if he had a Tardis..

"I think I’d probably go back to the mid-19th century and I’d try to cash in on the late Romantic piano music period and start hanging out with people like Berlioz and Chopin and maybe Rachmaninoff later on. I’d try to blend in with posh ponces playing the piano."


So yea.. Matt Bellamy.. INCREDIBLE man.. If I thought I would ever have the chance...I'd marry him.. and I'm not the marrying kind!

As those are my main two "boys" at the moment hehehe.. I'm going to post the pictures of the other Men I find yummy etc and write a smaller amount about them :)

Alex Gaskarth!

YUMMY! *noms on him* His band are fucking awesome too -
All Time Low = Love. Amazing music..

Born 14/12/1987 it makes him younger than me :D Bless him. He is still one hell of a sexy beast of a front man...

The other members of the band, Zachary Merrick, Rian Dawson, and Jack Barakat are pretty nom worthy too :D

David Tennant!!

Sexy ass doctor with his skinny jeans and converse.... *drools*

Really made Dr Who for me.. just brought it to life in a way that was totally unique and amazing. Oh and his scottishness OM NOM NOM! <3>

Oh! and I swear I saw him on a train once! Oh yea hes 30 years old ;) Older men ftw yey!

Well, these are the main 4, I may post one of these about women one day so the guys have something yummy to look at hehe


Fifi Out

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